From the Feckless to the “Reckless”

Australian politician Malcolm Turnbull

So why should we radically reallocate the global resources of all the developed nations on the planet in such a way that would crater the world economy and head us all back in the direction of pre-industrial standards of living at the very moment when the science that supports anthropogenic global warming is melting faster than Nixon’s Watergate alibis in the August 1974 noonday sun? The answer, according Australian parliamentarian Malcolm Turnbull, is: “Just in case!” Continue reading


Are we even now?

Gordon Brown begs the question: "We know the science."

Gordon Brown displays the menacing claws he uses to tear out the hearts of anthropogenic global warming skeptics.

You call us “flat-earthers;” we call you “chicken littles.”

It’s nice to see the anthropogenic global warming debate begin to take on a more mature tone in a newspaper that’s not exactly been known for being open to the obvious dissent in the ranks of climate scientists.

Uh, yeah … sure … right.

Did I say they were “chicken littles?” I meant to say they act like vicious, pathologically negligent, academically-dyslexic “chicken littles.” But of course I mean this in the nice sense of all those words.

It seems pretty clear from this article that if Mr. Brown and his environment secretary, Mr. Miliband, have bothered to read the Climategate emails (which seems doubtful) that they either did not understand what they read or are willfully misrepresenting their contents.

Source: Gordon Brown attacks ‘flat-earth’ climate change sceptics | The Guardian