Journalistic Ethics Without God

Jill McGivering is a BBC correspondent who, nearly two weeks ago, reported on the tragic floods in Pakistan that left eight million people without food and shelter. Apparently her involvement has caused her to experience a small crisis of conscience—all because she helped someone.

While covering the massive suffering in the city of Sukkur, someone led her to a young woman who had given birth on the road. The mother appeared in shock and the newborn girl was in critical need of medical care—apparently near death. McGivering tracked down a quite-overwhelmed Dr. Fahim at a medical camp and implored him to see her. He later went and tended to the baby, whose mother had named her Samina, and when McGivering checked up on the mother and child the next day she was elated to find the infant in a vastly improved condition. She expressed her elation in a story that attracted a great deal of media and public attention—attention which seems to have prompted her pangs of conscience.

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