Greek Alphabet PowerPoint Flash Cards

Greek Alphabet Flash Cards 200x150MONDAYI am a firm believer in the usefulness of flash cards for learning a new language—and not only for help in memorizing vocabulary but for points of grammar and other related topics, including the language’s alphabet, if it differs from ours.

I personally did not have much trouble memorizing the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, but I sympathize with those who do. If not for flash cards, I don’t know that I would have ever succeeded in memorizing Hebrew vowel pointing.

Now I’m also a big believer in writing out your own flash cards because I believe the process of creating them facilitates memorization. But there are also times when for one reason or another you can’t have flash cards (either homemade, store-bought, or whatever) with you. The Greek alphabet flash cards that I present here for free downloading, are saved in PowerPoint 2007 format (.pptx), and I have been able to upload them to my iPhone (with the Dropbox app) and use them just as I would on a desktop or laptop (using the SlideShark app). As long as your computer is up-to-date enough to feature the Unicode version of the Palatino Linotype font (as it is called in the Windows operating system)—and just about everyone’s is nowadays—you will be able to view the Greek characters.

When you open each flashcard, the PowerPoint slide will display only the given letter’s uppercase and lowercase forms. Clicking on the slide reveals the letter’s name and pronunciation so that you can check your knowledge of those two items, as follows:

To obtain your copy of the file, click the following link: New Testament Greek Alphabet Flash Cards.

I appreciate feedback, if you have any.

(Please note the legal text on the first slide: “For use in the study of New Testament (Koinē) Greek. Created by Ron Henzel. Copyright © 2013, reading Scripture. May be distributed free of charge, but may not be resold or included with any product or item that is for sale.“)


3 thoughts on “Greek Alphabet PowerPoint Flash Cards

  1. Thank you for creating this powerpoint of the Hebrew and Greek. This is a timesaver as I challenge my self to learn them. Powerpoint also supports audio. It would have been nice to hear it too. Great job!

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