“Non uno die Roma ædificata est.”

Or so they say. It also took more than a day to build the “Rome Reborn” web site, as well as the virtual reality tour of ancient Rome that it features.

Rome Reborn

In fact, it took ten years. I read about it on MSNBC.com this morning. Mirabile visu! (Wonderful to behold!)

Okay, this has got to go.

U.S. News & World Report, March 20, 2000I must have been playing a cruel practical joke on myself when I saved this copy of U.S. News & World Report seven years ago, when I was 41. (You do the math—or just read this.)

It did have one excellent article by John Leo in it (“Watch what you say: the left can no longer be counted on to defend free speech”), which, last time I checked, was available both here and here.