free country

Last night, as I was preparing to read chapter 4 of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to Ben, I noticed that he was watching a particularly dark episode of some cop profiler drama, and I registered my disapproval with Wendy. Ben entered the discussion with his usual flair, objecting to our efforts to circumscribe his TV viewing, with his climactic line being, “This is a free country! I have my rights!”

He’s only seven. Where does he get this stuff?


3 thoughts on “free country

  1. Hi Mr. Henzel, this is Shirley. Well our sisters say that all the time. And we tell them were does it say that subject that they are doing. In your case, you should say, “were in the constitution does it say that you are in a free country to watch what ever you want when ever your parents are in charge?” says shirley.

    Hi Mr. Henzel this is Elise, my opinion is that you don’t have the rights to decide what you can watch until your 18.

  2. Hey! How did my students find out about this blog? What–do you guys spend all your time doing web searches on my name? That’s it! You have WAY too much time on your hands! When we get back in school, I’m giving you an extra assignment every week…

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